I am a freelance Producer/Director with 15 years experience working for the British television industry, specialising in documentaries and international current affairs stories. 


I have made programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, Virgin, MTV, Vice and Netflix.  I have also produced corporates, Virtual Reality films and TV commercials.  

I often work in remote and so-called hostile environments.  I've filmed in prison with the 18th street gang in El Salvador, gained access to members of drug Cartels in Mexico and Colombia; filmed children working on a garbage dump in Cambodia, directed a Virtual Reality film about the fight against polio in rural Kenya as well as produced a biopic about the fall of Holywood icon Bill Cosby. 










With a background in social Anthropology,  I am driven by a boundless curiosity about people and cultures.  I like taking an immersive and observational approach to filmmaking whilst looking into the complex layers of a story. 


Over the years, I have grown a deep interest in South American and mediterranean societies.  I speak French, Spanish and Greek fluently.