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2023, Shooting Producer: To Catch a smuggler: Europe; Pernel Media

Story producing and second camera (FX3) following police and customs officers in Cyprus.

2023, Story Producer: Gen-C; StoryFire for SVT

4 part series filmed around the globe about the impact of the pandemic upon Generation Z. 

2022, Producer/Director: Golden Visas: Citizenships for sale; Vice Greece for Vice & Antenna TV 

I conceived, produced and directed a 45' documentary about the Golden Visa program in Greece, looking at its impact on society as well as its limitations and hidden threats. 

2021, Producer/Director: Criminal Planet; The Golden Meth Triangle’; Vice & Channel 4 

Directed, scripted and edit produced this episode looking at how Thailand is used as a narcotics superhighway, fueling Australia’s meth epidemic and Myanmar’s political instability.


2020, Producer: Undisclosed Project 

I worked with Emmy and triple BAFTA winning director Anthony Wonke on the pilot of an exciting observational documentary with sensitive access.

2019, Producer/Director: Plastic free island

Short film commissioned by an independent NGO tackling plastic waste. 

2019, Producer: Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean ; Burning Bright for ITV

An epic two-part series that follows British National Treasure and actress Joanna Lumley on her journey across Cuba and Haiti. 

2019, Producer/Director: Dope Wall to Wall for Netflix 

Cocaine production is at record high in Colombia while the Spanish police are seeing  unprecedented level of seizures at its Southern ports.  We follow the production chain, from the coca fields of Southern Colombia to the the streets of Madrid. 

2019, Producer: Narcoworld: ‘It’s kill or be killed’; Wall to Wall for Netflix (45’ episode)

Meth smugglers and law enforcers play a high stakes game of cat and mouse around Phoenix, Arizona and the infamous town of Nogales at the US-Mexico border. Story producing on location.


2018, Producer: Dope: In this business you have no friends’; Netflix  (45’ episode)

Traffickers are using the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico as a ‘cocaine corridor’ into Miami, while US homeland security is deploying its air and marine operation agents (AMO) to secure its borders.

2017, Producer/ Director: Are There Fascists Next Door? The Connected Set for BBC3 

Documentary about the rise in popularity of the National Front amongst the youth in France.  We follow young activists supporting Marine LePen as well as anarchists and Macron supporters who want to stop a Far right victory.  (Filmed during last French Presidential elections). 

2016, Director: You are There. On the road to ending Polio; Inition for UNICEF 

A Virtual Reality short documentary about the fight against the Polio virus in Kenya.  Directed for the UNICEF’s “Making Polio History” campaign with ambassador Ewan McGregor introducing the film. The film was nominated for Best Social Impact VR Experience at Raindance.

2016, Director: "I dream of an empty ward;" Inition for The Rotary Foundation 

Another VR short doc about the recent eradication of the Polio virus in India.  The film takes us to Delhi and follows Alokita, a young woman paralyzed by the disease as a child, taking her first steps following surgery.

2016-2018: Producer/Director/Camera: Athina, Dapa Doupa Films
Feature documentary following a handful of protagonists while drawing an intimate portrait of the Greek capital. Conceived idea, scripted, produced, directed, filmed and worked intensely with editor.

2016, Producer: Bill Cosby: Fall of an American icon, Sugar Films for BBC2

Documentary about the downfall of legendary comedian Bill Cosby.  The film explores the rape allegations against the man once known as “America’s dad” and the decade of silence till he finally faced criminal trial and his reputation in Hollywood was tarnished.

2016, Producer: Online content for Vice

Short film portraying DJ and electronic music Producer FaltyDL in his hometown of New York. Part of a series of documentaries about music and food for online content. 


2015, Producer: Millennium Children; Keo Films for BBC1  

A one-hour BBC special looking at what has been achieved to fight poverty since the devised of the UN’s Millennium development goals. This intimate and cinematic film seeks to understand how young people feel and dream about their world (shot in Cambodia and Honduras).


2015, Producer: Digital Content; The Moment for Croplife International 

A short web film for Croplife international and its training scheme for small size farmers in Honduras. 

2015, Producer/Director: Digital Content for Breakthrough Media 

I directed and filmed a series of short films for various British NGOs about Islamic radicalization in the UK.  Working with young British Muslims across the country as they fight stereotypes within the communities (Birmingham, Bradford, London, Luton, Leeds).


2014, Producer: Underworld Inc. Wall to Wall for National Geographic

Access based documentary looking at gambling, one of the biggest illegal economies in the USA.  Shot across the states (Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Alabama, Mississippi) the film features key players of this underworld (bookies, dog fighters, drag racers, gamblers).   


2014, Producer: Drugs Inc. Mexican Super Meth; Wall to Wall for National Geographic

A hard hitting documentary looking at how the ‘super labs’ run by the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico supply 80% of the crystal meth entering the USA. With exclusive access to cartel members, meth cooks, distributors, users and law enforcers on both sides of the border (USA/Mexico).


2014, Producer: Kenco Vs Gangs; TwoFour Productions

Development of a documentary on youth rehabilitation and crime prevention via coffee production work in Honduras. 


2013, Producer: Help for Syria; Breakthrough Media 

Series of short films for the “Help for Syria” humanitarian campaign.  I helped produced a series of stories and directed a film about a young man walking across Morocco. 

2013, Producer: Dupont MiniDocs; TwoFour for BBC World News (Horizons) 

A series of short corporate films looking at various businesses of the global brand Dupont: fracking in Canada, textiles in Portugal, wind power in Germany and mining in Chile.


2013, Producer: Wag TV for Discovery 

Development of a Pilot episode about treasure hunters in Mexico as they search for some of the most extraordinary antics and precious gems.  


2012-2013, Producer: Inside the gangsters’ code; NERD TV for Discovery Int’l

Following successful access negotiations with authorities and gang leaders, I produced a film about the notorious 18th street gang in El Salvador. The film was nominated for a Grierson Award (2013). 


2013, Associate Producer: Lost Kingdoms of Central America; IWC for BBC4

Archeologist Jago Cooper leads this documentary about ancient Costa Rica.  We discover the cultures that mastered gold and jade and crafted some of the world’s most puzzling mysteries.

2011, Associate Producer: Extreme Animal Attacks ; Pioneer for NatGeo Wild 

1x60’ documentary about animal predators and their deadly encounters with human beings.  Main story focused on the ‘Svalbard tragedy’ in Norway where a British student was eaten by a polar bear


2011, Associate Producer: Our Man In; Screenchannel for Channel4

1X48’ observational documentary with unprecedented access to some of the busiest British consulates in the world. On location, we followed consular staff around the clock. 


2011, Associate Producer: Plain Jane; Goglebox for MTV 

8X60’ presenter led light entertainment for MTV.  Filmed all over Europe, the show required huge logistical challenge, multi camera shoots and a very tight schedule.


2009-2011, Producer: Various TV Commercials; Hogarth Worldwide (WPP) 

I produced and re-versioned TV commercials for brands such as Kellogs, HSBC, Wella, Novartis and Nokia. Working with clients, editors, VFX operators and directing Voice Over recordings.  


2008, Assistant Producer: My Holiday Hostage Hell; Prospect Pictures for Virgin 

2 x 44’ Drama docs about true kidnapping stories: A British gardener is held captive for 6 months by a heavily armed guerrilla group in the Darian Gap, Colombia. A Mother and Daughter are abducted while on holidays in Bolivia. 


2008, AP: Explore: Argentina; BBC News & Current Affairs for BBC2 

Simon Reeve leads a team of presenters on a journey through the spectacular landscape of Argentina. 


2007, AP: Medicine Men Go Wild: “Jungle Tripping”; Keo Films for C4/Discovery

Observational documentary where British twin doctors Chris and Zand travel to the Peruvian Rainforest to learn from tribal shamans about ancient medicine .  They live with the Ashaninka people and experience Ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic brew.


2007, AP: The Assassination of Pablo Escobar; Darlow Smithson for NatGeo

Docu-drama about the manhunt for Pablo Escobar.  I organised interviews with DEA agents, Colombian Police, the president of Colombia and secured exclusive access to the Escobar family. We filmed the reconstruction on location in Bogota and Medellin. 


2006, AP: Selling Houses; Ricochet for Channel 4  

Prime time, presenter led designer makeover show. 


2006, AP: The Mystery of Helios 522; September Films for Discovery Europe

Investigative and dramatised documentary about the chain of events that brought Helios Flight 522 down, killing all 121 passengers. 


2005, AP: Costa Del Street Crime; Granada Media for Bravo

Observational documentary series about the police and crime on the Costa del Sol.  We followed Spanish police officers on their night shifts in the infamous Costa del Sol.  


2004-2005, Researcher/Location AP: A Place In The Sun; Freeform for C4

I started my career as a Researcher on the first series of Home or Away (Nominated for RTS Best Daytime Newcomer) and then worked on various spin-offs of the show.










Industry Skills


Hostile Environments 

First Aid 

C300/A7s/FS7/5d shooter

Valid i-Visa




Goldsmiths University, 2000-2001: MA in Media & Communications Studies


University of Kent, 1997-2000:  B.A (hons) Social Anthropology 2.1


University of Athens (Greece), 1996-1997: Diploma in Modern Greek





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