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Mexican Super Meth, Drugs Inc. (National Geographic)


A hard hitting documentary looking at how the ‘super labs’ run by the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico supply 80% of the crystal meth entering the USA. With exclusive access to cartel members, meth cooks, distributors, users and law enforcers on both sides of the border (USA/Mexico). 

Millenium Children (BBC1) 


A one-hour BBC special looking at what has been achieved to fight poverty since the devised of the UN’s Millennium development goals 15 years ago. This intimate and cinematic film seeks to understand how young people feel and dream about their world. 


In Cambodia, Sivern is forced to work on a dump collecting food from the garbage in order to keep her family afloat.  On the other side of the world, Darwin works for a funeral parlour in the world's most dangerous city: San Pedro Sula in Honduras. 


Virtual Reality Projects 


You are there.  On the road to ending polio. 

A VR documentary about the fight against the Polio virus in Kenya.  Directed for for the UNICEF “Making Polio History” campaign and introduced by ambassador Ewan Mcgregor.  The film was  nominated for Best Social Impact VR Experience at Raindance. 

"I Dream of an empty ward"

VR film for the Rotary Foundation about the recent eradication of the Polio virus in India.  We experience the life of Alokita, a young woman born paralyzed by the disease, as she takes her first steps in a Delhi hospital.


Help for Syria (Online Campaign) 

Short film about Anass Yakine, a young Moroccan who decided to walk 5000km around his country for 2 years and rose some money for Syria along the way. 

Inside the Gangster's code (Discovery) 


Presenter Lou Ferrante joins 18th street gangsters in prison and on the streets of El Salvador to learn how their deadly rivalry with the MS-13 is devastating the country (Grierson Nominated).

Lost Kingdoms of Central America (BBC4) 

Archeologist Jago Cooper leads this documentary about the ancient cultures of Costa Rica.  We discover the people who mastered gold and jade and crafted some of the world’s most puzzling mysteries, amongst rivers and volcanoes. 

Medicine Men Go Wild (Channel 4/Discovery) 

Chris and Xand are doctors. They’re also identical twins. Trained in tropical medicine they are ideally equipped to experiment with life beyond paracetamol and prozac.


In this film, they travel to the Peruvian Amazon to learn about botanical healing. They meet with the shamans of  the Ashaninka tribe and experience Ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic. 

The Assassination of Pablo Escobar (Natgeo) 


Dramatised documentary narrating the epic manhunt for Pablo Escobar.


The film recounts how Pablo was tracked down and killed, following his escape from the prison he himself built.  It is set in 1993,  at the heyday of the Medellin cartel, a turbulent time in Colombia. 


Featuring interviews with Escobar's sister, DEA agents Pena and Murphy, the ex-President of Colombia (Cesar Gaviria) and the Colombian officers who took him down.  

The Mystery of Helios Flight 522 (Discovery) 


Documentary investigating the strange and chilling crash of Helios Flight 522, Greece's worst air disaster.


The film  looks at the chain of events which led to a loss of cabin pressure claiming the lives of all 121 passengers onboard. 

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